Sponsored Fellows

Rhonda Walsh, MD

Clinical Fellow

"After minimally invasive treatments such as endoscopy, patients often require stents, which can cause significant postoperative pain. We have demonstrated that injection of Botulinum toxin (Botox) significantly reduces patients' pain."

Philippa Cheetham, MD

Clinical Fellow

"Surgical innovation is one of my greatest passions. I am developing innovative dialysis technologies that I hope will improve the lives of the 500,000 Americans living with kidney failure."

Maria Ordonez, MD

Clinical Fellow

"I am evaluating different minimally invasive cancer treatment strategies including incisionless cancer treatments done with CT-scanner targeted needle ablation, as well as other minimally invasive strategies."

Zhamshid Okhunov, MD

Research Fellow

"Obesity is a national crisis in this country. Although it is known to cause heart disease and diabetes, we are now seeing associations with certain types of cancer. I am working with the team to develop our understanding of these associations."

Alberto Perez-Lanzac, MD

Research Fellow

"In Spain, most cancer is treated using large open incisions. I want to be part of the first generation of Spanish surgeons to use minimally invasive techniques to cure cancer with less pain and suffering."

Juan Carlos Rosales, MD

Research Fellow

"Sometimes surgery is so minimally invasive that is doesn’t even happen! I am working to improve our understanding of cancer biology, so that we may identify patients for whom surgery can be postponed or even avoided altogether."

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